Eugene “Gene” Hoffman, IV, attorney at Tonry, Brinson and Glorioso Law Firm and Patriot Title, received his Juris Doctorate from Louisiana State University in 1998 and has over 16 years of experience in the real estate, corporate, manufacturing and oil and gas industries. Gene has used his legal expertise as an attorney for various financial institutions and corporate entities. He served as General Manager, COO and Corporate Attorney for Air Quest Systems, Inc. After hurricane Katrina, he helped the unfortunate victims by managing several attorneys, processors and acting as a title closing attorney/notary for approximately 200 Road Home sales and grants per week. While engaged in the program, he performed title exams and curative work including Tax Sale Redemptions, Acts of Ratification and Correction, and drafted related legal documents including Sales, HUD Settlement Statements, Grant Documents, Renunciations, Waivers of Right, Indemnity Agreements, Powers of Attorney and Affidavits.

Gene is an exceptional senior executive, strategic planner, project manager, and team leader with successful administrative, managerial, financial, and legal experience. Proven ability to improve operations, impact business growth and maximize profits through achievements in finance, cost reductions, internal controls, and productivity/efficiency improvements. He is an articulate communicator with effective persuasive communication and negotiation skills. He has a high order of knowledge, confidence, experience, and effectiveness in presentation, exposition, and argument in presenting cases to administrative hearings and to courts, as well as in a senior level corporate boardroom.